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What should be paid attention to when replacing the heating radiator

  • 2022-01-03 14:20

Just as every living thing has a certain life span, the central heating radiator installed in the home also has a certain useful life, because of its own and external environmental influences, such as the corrosion of the heating radiator itself cannot be avoided. Due to differences in raw materials and use environments, heating radiators have different lifespans. Usually, heating radiators that have been used for 10 years need to be reviewed and considered for replacement. Replacing a heating radiator is not a trivial matter. Two precautions need to be focused on. Let’s take a look with Sunlike Radiator today. What should be paid attention to when replacing a heating radiator!

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The environment where the heating radiator is used, especially the water quality is the most important
China has a vast territory, and the water quality varies from place to place, some with high oxygen content, some acidic, and some alkaline. In the heating system, the circulating water is in direct contact with the inner wall of the heating radiator, and the water quality determines which heating radiator is most suitable. Generally speaking, Steel heating radiators cannot be used in heating systems with high oxygen content, and aluminum heating radiators cannot be used in heating systems with excessive water pH or in regular heating systems. Copper-aluminum composite heating radiators have no special requirements for water quality. In addition, the external environment used by the heating radiator is also very important. Wet and dark places are easily oxidized and corroded. All heating radiators with strong corrosion resistance, such as copper-aluminum composite heating radiators, should be used.
If the heating in the user's home is centralized heating, the replacement of the heating radiator still needs to obtain the consent of the property, because some districts do not allow the replacement of the heating radiator, and some districts only allow the use of central heating radiators with specified materials. The number of heating radiators used is estimated based on the amount of heat dissipation.
In the HVAC market, heating radiators are sold according to the number of photos, with a label indicating the heat dissipation of each piece. The user can estimate the number of heating radiators according to the heat demand of the room, and the heat of this room needs to be calculated based on the size, orientation, floor, and window sizes of the house. For example, a steel 60 heating radiator with a height of 600mm has a heat dissipation capacity of 112W per piece, which can approximately meet the heat demand of a 1.1 square meter room. Divide the indoor area by 1.1 to get the number of heating radiators. Of course, this is only an approximate figure, and you have to consult professionals for details.
heating radiators are used differently in different places of use. Usually a set of dedicated bathroom heating radiators can be installed in the bathroom, and the kitchen can be installed selectively.
Generally, the heating radiator can be replaced. The most labor-saving way is to choose the type and orientation of the original heating radiator, and try to choose well-known brand products, but if it is gathering heating, it must be negotiated with the property. Can be replaced.

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