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What are the advantages and disadvantages of radiators of different materials

  • 2022-01-03 14:19

steel radiator
The advantages of steel radiators: beautiful appearance, rich colors, rich shapes, large choices; smooth and delicate surface, not easy to accumulate dirt, easy to clean; small size, light weight; strong load-bearing capacity; high heat dissipation efficiency.
Disadvantages of steel radiators: The wall thickness of steel radiators is thinner than that of cast iron radiators. If the water has high oxygen content, it is prone to corrosion.
The price of steel radiator: mid-to-high-end price.

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aluminum radiator
The advantages of aluminum radiator: wide range of colors and heights; small size, light weight and high heat dissipation efficiency.
Disadvantages of aluminum radiators: aluminum radiators have thin walls, which are prone to alkali corrosion and leakage; because of material factors, the welding process is very demanding, and it is prone to collapse and leakage; the surface is not smooth and fine enough, and the hand feels rough, which can cause cleaning Certain influence.
aluminum radiator price: mid-range.
Cast iron radiator
The advantages of cast iron radiator: cheap and economical.
Disadvantages of cast iron radiator: The shape of cast iron radiator is rough and bulky; the color, height, and shape are simple; the surface is rough, easy to accumulate dust, and it is very difficult to clean; low heat dissipation efficiency, waste of energy; poor load-bearing capacity; easy to leak water at the interface.
The price of cast iron radiator: low to mid-range price.

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