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10 basic goals for the development of the heating radiator industry

  • 2022-01-03 14:56

(1) Establish an evaluation system for energy conservation, emission reduction and low-temperature heating, and formulate development plans for various radiators;
(2) Accelerate the transformation of the economic development mode of the heating radiator industry, adjust the product structure in accordance with the low-carbon development model, research and promote supporting technologies and engineering applications of low-temperature heating systems, and vigorously develop heating and heat dissipation characterized by low energy consumption, low emissions, and low pollution Machine economy
(3) Strengthen the cooperation with the standards and specifications compilation department, and improve my country's heating radiator technical regulations, standard atlases, and design and construction specifications as soon as possible;
(4) Implement the vocational qualification certificate system, develop technical training for technical management personnel of radiator enterprises, implement national qualification certification for quality management personnel, and earnestly play the role of the expert team in talent training;
(5) Establish national standards for heating water quality, and strive to achieve national standard management of heating water quality by 2015;
(6) The quality control goal of heating radiators is first of all to be safe and durable, and the whole process of radiator product manufacturing must be effectively monitored, so that heating radiators in our country can be used under the conditions specified by the standards and have a life span of not less than 15 years;
(7) Promote the application of multiple energy heating methods, develop energy storage electric radiators, research and develop renewable energy heating systems; develop heating and heat dissipation suitable for new rural construction, economically adapted housing, low-rent housing, price-limited housing and southern regions Device
(8) Build 20 comprehensive radiator demonstration enterprises in my country, and 10 famous brand enterprises with international standards;
(9) Expand international cooperation, open up the international market, and increase the international influence of my country's light radiators; continue to develop international technical exchanges and cooperation in an all-round way, and pay attention to the development trend of international heating technology;
(10) Strengthen informatization construction and promote intelligent management. Vigorously promote the integration of informatization and intelligence, use informatization to improve the modernization and scientific level of enterprise management, and improve the overall quality of the enterprise.

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