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> How to match the color of the heating radiator and the wall?

How to match the color of the heating radiator and the wall?

  • 2022-01-03 14:59

Good color matching is the key to home decoration. Many owners are conservative when decorating. After choosing white walls, they still choose white heating radiators, which makes the room lack of vitality.
Therefore, in the "color relationship" between the heating radiator and the wall, it is necessary to consider whether the color of the heating radiator matches the style of the room. Next, the new landscape radiator experts will share some tips on matching the color of the radiator and the wall.
1. The color of the heating radiator is affected by factors such as the sunlight in the room and the characteristics of the occupants, which requires us to consider it when purchasing. However, there is a time-saving and labor-saving method, which is to ask the heating experts to come to measure and check on the spot, and inform the heating demand and home decoration style, and they will propose the heating plan and indicate the color of the heating radiator.
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A radiator with a unique shape and beautiful colors is consistent with other accessories in the space in terms of texture and brilliance. It has the effect of embellishing the space, giving people a refreshing, fashionable and high-grade feeling. This kind of heating radiator must be needed in every family. .
2. Of course, the basic principles of color matching also need to be observed, such as the use of complementary colors: Arranging two colors such as red and green, blue and yellow together can produce a strong contrast effect and make the room look full of vitality and vitality. exuberant. Such as the use of similar colors: colors with similar colors will not conflict, and can create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. For color balance, different colors with the same saturation should be used.
There are also principles such as space color matching not to exceed three colors, and we need to imagine it in advance before purchasing.
3. The important principle of matching the color of the radiator is that the color and the interior match should be unified to make the room decoration more natural and beautiful. At present, the surface spraying of heating radiators generally uses special spray paint, which will not fall off and change color after high temperature curing for a long time, and it will last as bright as new. Using this feature, we can make the heating radiator blend into the home naturally.
The overall tone of the room is rather cold. heating radiator experts recommend using blue, green, purple and other color radiators. When we see these colors, there will be a feeling of peace, tranquility and relaxation. The heating radiator of this color is very suitable to be installed in a quiet space such as a bedroom and a study room.

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