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how do you bleed a bathroom radiator ?

  • 2022-01-08 18:25

In the process of bleeding the bathroom radiator, the bathroom radiators uk used in the bathroom is generally different from the bathroom towel radiators in the living room, bedroom, study and other areas. This radiator is called a bathroom radiator. bathroom radiators generally have several outstanding ones, which can be used to hang towels, beautiful in appearance and very useful. Sometimes you find that the temperature of the bathroom is low, which may be due to the formation of gas in the heat sink. At this time, it is necessary to deflate the bathroom heat sink.
    During the working process of the system, there will be continuous gas generation inside the pipeline. These gases are stored at the highest point of the system. When the gas accumulates to a certain level, the phenomenon of "air blockage" will occur, preventing the circulation of hot water and causing the heat sink to appear unheated. Or the appearance of uneven fever. Therefore, the bleed valve is an indispensable part of the heating system. Knowing that there is a special vent valve on the heat sink, let's take a look at the way to bleed the designer bathroom radiators:
how do you bleed a bathroom radiator

1, Check whether the inlet valve of the pipeline is open;
2, Close all valves in your home;
3, Slowly unscrew the air valve, stop twisting immediately after hearing the movement of the gas discharge, and wait for the exhaust;
4, When the gas is almost exhausted, gradually loosen the air release valve until there is a steady flow of water, and then close the air release valve;
5, Repeat process 4 several times until all the gas is exhausted, and you can enjoy the warmth brought by the heat sink.

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