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> Renovation and installation of radiators in old houses, these points should be paid attention to

Renovation and installation of radiators in old houses, these points should be paid attention to

  • 2022-01-03 15:54

The choice of the radiator installation location should take into account both aesthetics and heating. The design of radiator refers to the consideration of location, number of pieces and style. It is highly adaptable and can be placed in any corner.
It’s getting cooler in autumn, so it’s time to put on the agenda for any renovation plans at home, including the installation of radiators for the renovation of the old house. The renovation of old houses and the installation of radiators can enable residents who did not have heating to enjoy warmth in winter, and it can also enhance the life experience of residents whose radiators are approaching the "shelf life". So what are the issues that need to be paid attention to in the installation and transformation of radiators?
 Reconstruction step 1: Choice of radiator installation location

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The choice of the radiator installation position must take into account both aesthetics and heating. The design of radiator refers to the consideration of location, number of pieces and style. It is adaptable and can be placed in any corner, but considering the best heating effect, it should be placed in a place with strong "cold radiation". For example: the side wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.
Reconstruction step 2: Radiator installation pipe modification

If you think the iron pipe is unsightly and plan to replace it, it is recommended to buy a good quality aluminum-plastic pipe. Mainly divided into pert, pexa, pexb, pexc, pb. PE is polyethylene, and pert is modified PE, also known as high temperature resistant polyethylene. Pex generally adopts the method of cross-linking high-density polyethylene and pexb or pexa in domestic production. Pex pipes have no thermoplastic properties and cannot be connected and repaired by hot-melt welding. Pexc is electron beam cross-linking without adding other substances, that is, polyethylene. Therefore, pexc is the safest domestic water pipe. pb is polypropylene, soft, natural oxygen barrier, and high temperature resistant. pe is the softest of several kinds of pipes. It has the thinnest wall thickness by design and calculation under the same pressure, but the price of raw materials is the highest, which is more than double that of other varieties.
Reconstruction step 3: Radiator installation and replacement construction
During construction, be careful not to leak water. After the installation is completed, the stamping test proves that there is no leakage before it can be connected to the original pipe. Considering the difficulty, it is best not to change the position. It is very inconvenient to go to neighbor's house for construction.
Renovation 4: What should be paid attention to in heating renovation and installation
1. Choose the appropriate radiator type according to the heating water quality
There are countless radiators of various brands and materials on the market, but not all products are suitable for household use. Only in a suitable environment can it exert its due function to ensure safety and service life. Water quality is an important indicator. Therefore, the type of radiator should be determined according to the water quality of the community, or ask professionals for help.
2, heating system renovation needs to choose a suitable construction time
If it is central heating, the construction time shall be considered. If construction is carried out during the heating period, it is easy to cause water leakage accidents, bring unnecessary losses to the family, and affect normal life at the same time. Generally speaking, the heating reform is in the non-heating period, that is, before heating. For families with independent heating, the heating renovation time is free. It is recommended that in spring and summer, because there are few installation users, the quality of renovation can be guaranteed.
3. It is advisable to renovate the radiator as little as possible
The radiator location and connection method are not installed randomly, and need to be reasonably designed to ensure stable operation and uniform room temperature without affecting the home layout. If you change it too much, it will destroy the original balance and increase the chance of water leakage and bursting. Therefore, when the user replaces the heater, he should make as few changes as possible, and give priority to the original location.

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