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> The water capacity of the radiator has these three effects on the heat dissipation effect

The water capacity of the radiator has these three effects on the heat dissipation effect

  • 2024-04-15 14:09

Nowadays, many families use radiators for heating in winter, and households have different types of radiators. Some are dual-channel, some are single-channel, some have a large water capacity, and some have a small water capacity. So, what effect does the water capacity of the radiator have on the heat dissipation effect? Today, Sunlike will give you a brief introduction for your reference.
    First: The water capacity of the vertical radiator is large, and the heating system is relatively inert. When the boiler is intermittently supplying heat, the water cooling time is slightly longer, and the heating room can still maintain a certain temperature for a long time. But when the water is re-watered, the water temperature rises slowly. The system adjustment response speed of large water capacity is slow. When heating continuously, it has no effect on heating quality.
    Second: The water capacity of the radiator is small, the start-up time is short, the temperature adjustment is sensitive, the room temperature rises quickly, and it is convenient for household heating metering, which saves money and is convenient.
    Third: The heat is carried and transported by flowing water. The water capacity has no direct influence on the heat, but the adjustment time is different.
    The steel radiator has a larger water capacity and longer heat preservation time; the aluminum radiator has the smallest water capacity, so the aluminum radiator heats up quickly and is flexible to adjust. It can realize intermittent heating where people can heat up quickly and can cool down when people are away; The water capacity of the copper-aluminum composite radiator is in the middle, and there are also copper-aluminum composite dual-channel radiators, which dissipate heat faster and have a relatively average heat preservation time.
    In addition, for intermittent heating users, large-capacity radiators are not conducive to quick opening and energy saving. Therefore, whether it is central heating or household heating, whether it is steel, aluminum, or copper-aluminum composite radiators, the most important thing is to choose the radiator with good quality, reasonable price and guarantee.

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