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> The choice of heating radiator should be based on the area of the room

The choice of heating radiator should be based on the area of the room

  • 2022-02-11 15:07

Whether to choose a plate-type or column-type designer radiator is often a problem for everyone. No matter whether the plate-type or column-type radiator, the heat dissipation is carried out by convection and radiation. Among them, radiant heat is spread in space in the form of electromagnetic waves, and the propagation range is relatively small. Normally, the heat radiation can only be felt within 1 meter around the radiator. Convection heat dissipation is achieved through the circulation of hot and cold air to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, so the heating range is wider and the heat distribution is more uniform. When using a plate radiator, due to its structural characteristics, it can generate suction, the so-called chimney effect, thereby increasing the effect of forced convection and enhancing the comfort of heating, which is unmatched by the column radiator.

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       In fact, there are evidences to follow—for small spaces, such as bathrooms, column-type radiators can be selected. Because they are wall-mounted, they can save indoor space, and towels or small pieces of clothing can be hung on the horizontal column; For rooms with a larger area, it is recommended to buy a plate radiator. Because of the addition of a convection plate inside, the heat dissipation method of radiation and convection can achieve the best heat dissipation effect in the room in the shortest time; now, the complete convection radiator has good heat dissipation effect It provides a better choice for large-area rooms. Not only that, the convection radiator is also suitable for the floor-to-ceiling windows and other places where it is inconvenient to install the radiator in the past, thereby saving indoor space more effectively. Now, the anti-corrosion problem of the radiator that once plagued people has basically been solved, and the problem of heat dissipation has been clearly exposed.
       On the basis of satisfying comfortable and efficient heating, many radiator brands can provide targeted design and installation services. In order to meet the different requirements of consumers for radiator models and colors, brands such as Ruitge can also customize products according to customer needs. People can choose their favorite products as they like without worrying about heat dissipation.

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