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> Why is the heating radiator installed under the window? How high is the best distance from the ground?

Why is the heating radiator installed under the window? How high is the best distance from the ground?

  • 2021-12-28 09:25

If someone asks you where the radiator is best installed, you must be very happy to say that it is installed under the window, but when you ask why, you may not be able to tell the reason. Today, the top ten heating radiator brands rank Sunlike Radiator. Let me share, why the radiator must be installed under the window, and how high the radiator is from the ground is the best.
Why should it be installed under the window?
1. Increase the corresponding speed of heating
This is about the working principle of the radiator. The radiator is a heating method that dissipates heat by convection. It first heats the air in the room, and then the air transfers the heat to the human body. The greater the temperature difference of the heated object, the faster the air flow rate, and the greater the heat conduction rate. Because there will be a certain gap in the window, cold wind will come in in winter, so the temperature near the window is also the lowest. Under such a high temperature difference, the air flow is the fastest, and the radiator can radiate more heat into the room. The indoor temperature rises rapidly.
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2. Equilibrate the room temperature
Because the cold air in the room mainly comes from doors and windows, the density of cold air is the lowest, it will linger on the ground, and the convection of the radiator can just isolate and heat the cold air, balance the room temperature, and improve the comfort of the human body.
How high should the radiator be above the ground?
When installing the radiator, you must master the installation height of the radiator. If the installation height is not selected, your heating effect will be greatly reduced. Generally, the radiator needs to be 10cm+ from the ground, which can effectively ensure smooth air flow. And the top of the radiator should be 10cm+ shorter than the window sill, so as to better neutralize the hot and cold air.

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