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5 technological advantages of steel panel radiator

  • 2022-01-03 15:18

Nowadays, every household has installed heaters, and many household radiators choose steel plate radiators. So do you really know this type of radiator? Today, Xiaofang will give you a brief introduction to the structure and technological advantages of steel plate radiators for your reference.
    Let's first look at the internal structure of the steel plate radiator, which is mainly composed of a water-passing part and a convection fin. The water-carrying part is welded by two rolled steel plates, and the outer surface is welded with a folding convection sheet with a larger surface area. This structure has improved the heat dissipation effect, that is, the contact surface area of ​​the radiator and the air is increased, thereby increasing the heat dissipation rate; according to the convection mode, it can be divided into single plate single convection, double plate single convection, double plate double convection, three plate three convection.
    Let's look at the five technological advantages of steel plate radiators:

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    1. The steel plate radiator is formed by high-quality cold-rolled low-carbon steel. It is equipped with unique air guide fins. There are many water channels and are evenly arranged. The effective heat dissipation area is large and the radiation effect is good. The air convection flow is large and the heat dissipation speed is fast. , The convection effect is obvious. Generally speaking, the steel radiator has a good heating effect.
    2. The steel plate radiator adopts low temperature resistance welding. Compared with other types of radiator, the welding seam is less, and the high-quality steel is also the least affected. The performance is stable and reliable, and there is no welding material leftover, and it does not pollute the heat medium water quality.
    3. The steel panel radiator is small in shape, small in size and light in weight. The overall thickness is less than 1/2 of the traditional radiator, and the weight is only 1/3 of the cast iron radiator with the same heat dissipation capacity. It occupies less indoor space. It has a strong sense of stickiness and high safety performance.
    4. The raw materials are easy to obtain and the production technology is advanced. High-quality steel resources are abundant, steel plate radiator production and processing technology is mature, production energy consumption is small, product quality is stable and reliable, and production automation is high. It has high product quality stability and production volume, and is suitable for large-scale promotion and use.
    5. Fewer welds and high safety. The steel plate radiator has fewer solder joints as a whole, and the high-quality steel is the least affected by damage, and there are fewer hidden dangers of leakage.
     Regarding the "steel plate radiator", do you have any comments? Welcome to leave a message to discuss together!

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